3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind For The Pole Mounted Transformer At Your Construction Site

If you are building something at a construction site, chances are you are going to need a source of power to run some of your equipment. That's why some construction sites make use of pole mounted transformers on site. If you are doing this at your own construction site, there are some things you will want to keep in mind, as any kind of transformer or power device can be potentially dangerous if not treated with care. Here are three things to keep in mind when using pole mounted transformers at a construction site.

Don't Block the Area Around the Pole

After the transformer is installed, be careful to leave the immediate vicinity clear of construction equipment and supplies. In the event something goes wrong, you will want an electrician or even an emergency services team to have full access to the transformer without anything getting in their way.

Pay Attention to Cabling

When a transformer is mounted on a pole, there are of course going to be cables running the power supply to where it needs to go. That means even if you are keeping the immediate area around the pole clear of equipment, you still need to pay attention to where those wires are. Many construction vehicles are capable of lifting either people or supplies up into the air. Always look above you and make sure you are in the clear from any cabling from the transformer before you begin an ascent.

Post Warning Signs

Even if you make sure that everyone on your team is aware of the situation with the transformer, you need to make sure the general public is aware as well if you are currently building on public grounds or somewhere that has the possibility of a citizen passing through. The signs should warn that there is an active power source running and to steer clear. 

When setting up for the long term on a major construction project, it's common for the team to install a transformer or two in the area to make sure that everything has power. Make sure that all of your employees are aware that the area around the transformer is a "no-fly zone" and be sure to carefully label the pole so that members of the public don't accidentally come into contact with the power source. For more best practices when working with transformers, contact a transformers supplier today.

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