Your Guide to Renting a Forklift

When you are in need of a high quality forklift without having to make the investment of purchasing it outright, one of the best things you can do is go after a rental. There are a lot of companies that can rent you construction equipment from, so make sure to do your research. In addition to finding the right company, you will need to insure the rental and maintain it for as long as it is in your possession. To learn a little bit more about this, read on and follow these tips. 

#1: Find a Construction Equipment Rental Company That You Can Trust

The most important piece of this puzzle is to find the help of a company that specializes in construction equipment rentals. They will have a wide selection of forklifts that they can allow you to browse in order to find the right one for your project. Make sure that you are looking into things like what capacity and the quality of the brand. You should also research the construction equipment rental company to make sure that they are Better Business Bureau certified and of high repute. Set up a budget for your forklift rental, and expect to pay no less than approximately $100 per day.

#2: Get the Insurance Coverage That You Need

Anytime that you are looking to rent a forklift, you will need to insure it. This insurance coverage will either come from a policy that you maintain or through a rental policy that is acquired at the time of the rental from the construction equipment company. You may be able to utilize your general contractors insurance to cover the rental, but would need to check with your insurance provider to be sure. While fact-finding, weigh the pros and cons of using your own policy and purchasing one through the rental company.

#3: Keep the Forklift in Great Shape

When you reach out to rent a forklift, ask specifically who is in charge of maintenance. Some companies will maintain the equipment during the rental for you free of charge, while others will make it an additional cost, or require you to provide your own maintenance. Anytime that you are planning to rent out a forklift, pay close attention to your maintenance schedule, including changing the oil every three months and maintaining antifreeze levels.

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