The Pros And Cons Of A Wood Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed trailer, also called  a utility trailer, is typically made from one of two different materials. The body of the trailer is always made from some sort of metal material, typically steel. But the bed or deck can be made from either metal, such as steel or aluminum, or wood. There are pros and cons to both metal flatbed trailers and wood flatbed trailers. Learning the pros and cons will allow you to make an educated and informed decision about which type of trailer best fits your needs. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of a wood flatbed trailer

Cons of a Wood Flatbed Trailer

Can't Hold as Much Weight

One of the biggest downsides to a wood flatbed trailer is that it cannot hold as much weight as heavy-duty metal, such as steel. If you are using the trailer to transport heavy machinery or equipment, the wood can buckle, split, or break. A trailer will list the amount of weight it can transport safely. Always pay close attention to this weight limit when selecting a trailer. 

The Wood Can Rot

The other downside to a wood deck in a flatbed trailer is that the wood can rot. If not properly cared for and stored, the wood on your trailer can crack, split, or rot. Fortunately, replacing the wood on this decking is not all that costly or challenging. But it can be a hassle that you may not want to deal with. 

Pros of a Wood Flatbed Trailer

The Cost

One of the benefits to a wood flatbed trailer is the cost. As a general rule of thumb, wood flatbed trailers tend to cost less than metal options. Of course, there are many factors that affect the cost, including the brand of trailer, the metal used in the construction of the body, the type of wood used, and the thickness of a metal decking. Therefore, if budget is a factor, consider all of these options. But generally speaking, wood is a cheaper option than a metal trailer. 

Won't Rust 

The other advantage to a wood flatbed trailer is that it won't rust or corrode. Metal trailers can rust or corrode, and unfortunately, it can be costly and time consuming to remove, fix, or repair rust and metal corrosion and the damage it leaves behind. While wood can rot, repairing wood rot is a lot easier and cheaper than the problems that can be caused by rust. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to wood and metal decks on a flatbed trailer. Doing your research will help you select the option that best fits your needs. 

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