Tips To Use A Skid Steer To Prepare Land For Your New Garden Plot

When you have access to a skid steer for completing any type of landscaping or soil grading, your yard work can be completed much easier and with less effort on your part. Skid steers have a variety of different attachments to help you complete the work, so when you have access to rent or borrow one make sure you have the right attachment for the job. Here are some tips to use a skid steer to help you prepare a new garden plot this fall so it is ready for planting in the spring:

Remove Stumps

Although a tree may have been growing at one point upon an area in your yard, it does not mean you cannot use the soil for placing your garden plot after the tree has been cut down. You can remove a large tree stump from the soil with the use of a skid steer and a stump grinding attachment. The stump grinding attachment on the skid steer has a wide grinding chain with metal teeth that scratch into the stump during the grinding process.

First, you will need to cut any remaining protruding stump off with your chainsaw so the stump is level as much as possible to the soil. This removes the excess stump height and makes the grinding process quicker. Position the grinder over the stump and work the grinder until it grinds the stump down into the soil and also grinds the thick root area below the soil. When you have completely ground the stump you will be left with an indentation in the soil and wood grindings around the sides. This creates a rich mulch that leaves your soil full of wood compost.

Till Soil

If you have access to a tiller attachment for your skid steer, you can use it to mix the soil and combine in any additional organic matter you want to boost your soil's nutrients. If you have collected any fallen leaves in your yard, now is a good time to add them to the soil before you till so they can also be combined with the soil.

As you till the soil it distributes the organic matter into the soil and levels the soil to create a more uniform surface. Tilling in the soil helps to mix in your leaves and the wood mulch after grinding the tree stump to combine the organic material into the soil. Then, as the wood mulch and the leaves sit within the soil over winter and into the next spring, they can begin to decompose and place nutrients back into the soil and food for your garden plants.

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