Renting A Crane: What To Expect

Many construction jobs require some sort of crane to get the job done. Buying a crane outright is extraordinarily expensive, so most contractors will rent a crane. When you rent a crane, you need to understand the responsibilities that you take on and what you should expect to pay. 

What is a bare rental?

Bare rentals refer to renting a crane and taking on the responsibilities for the crane once it is in your possession. You can rent the crane for various lengths of time.  

Why bare rental?

Many contractors like the bare rental crane option because they can rent the crane for a particular job and then return it. They don't have to pay for the cost of the crane or its storage after the job is over. 

Risk Transfer

When you rent a crane, you take on the risk. This is called a risk transfer. The risk transfer happens when you sign the rental agreement. Read the agreement well so that you know your responsibilities. Also, document the exact condition of the crane when you take ownership of it and save all pictures. Be sure to send the pictures and documentation to the rental company, so they are aware. You are also responsible for manning the crane properly. If you or one of your employees does not operate the crane properly, any damage becomes your responsibility. 

Crane Maintenance

The first part of regular crane maintenance is getting regular inspections. There are daily inspections and periodic inspections. The daily inspection should be done before the crane is used for the day. The inspection is made to ensure that all functions are working properly and that everything is safe. When you notice something odd, a more in-depth inspection will be done to determine what needs to be fixed. 


The costs of renting a crane vary on how long you want to rent the crane and how large of a crane you want. It also varies depending on the type of crane you need. These prices are for a rough terrain crane. 

  • 30 - 35 ton crane - $875/ week and $3500/ month
  • 40 ton crane - $1000/ week and $4000/ month
  • 50 ton crane- $1250/ week and $5000/ month
  • 60 ton crane- $1875/ week and $7500/ month
  • 80 ton crane-  $2125/ week and $8500/ month
  • 90 ton crane-  $3250/ week and $13,000/ month
  • 100 ton crane-  $3500/ week and $14,000/ month
  • 130 ton crane- $4500/ week and $18,000/ month

Contact local crane companies for more information and assistance. 

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