Tips To Deal With Bad Weather When You Hire A Crane

Safety should and must always be a priority when operating heavy machinery and equipment. With crane hire, extreme bad weather will have an adverse effect on operating the equipment, which is why you will need to take corresponding safety precautions when using the rentals.

Here is what to do in the face of bad weather so that you get the most out of your crane hire and ensure everyone's safety as well as avoiding damage to the unit.

Know What Your Rental Can Take

Strong winds can lead to the drop of your load during crane operations. Strong winds that hit the boom's rear part will affect the forward stability of your rental, while strong winds hitting the boom's underside will adversely affect the crane's backward stability.

To avoid accidents resulting from the lack of stability, you should ascertain the wind rating of the crane. The crane service can advise you on the highest limits for wind speed and strength that your hired unit can take. Also, do keep in mind that when the wind speed and strength get higher, the higher up the crane lifts.

Reduce Your Load

Reducing the size of your load is helpful during cold weather. Low temperatures can weaken and compromise the integrity of your rental's hydraulic system, which can result in the crane malfunctioning and failing.  

Reducing your load size will ensure your crane's hydraulic system is not under much strain. Its integrity will be preserved even with the prevailing cold weather, and you can look forward to the crane operating as it should.

Look for Cold-Weather Friendly Features

If you know you will be operating in cold conditions, then ask the crane hire company to help you select a unit best suited for those conditions. A crane with cold-weather motor and conduction bars will do well in cold weather. A crane with a cold-weather finish is also an excellent choice.

Wait It Out

Moisture from heavy rain can cause damage to various parts of your crane. You also wouldn't want your operators getting hurt by lightning. The surge from the lightning can also severely damage your hired crane. It is best to wait it out in these instances and let the weather clear up before resuming operations.

Talk to the crane hire company about the dos and don'ts in poor weather. The outlined tips, and more, will help to prevent damage to the hired unit and promote your safety.

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