Why Static Rock Separators Are Essential During Crushing Operations

Crushers, which are a type of heavy construction equipment, sometimes require static rock separators that can remove rocks based on their sizes. These types of separators will begin by removing rocks that are likely to slow down production and that would be difficult for the equipment to handle. 

Industries That Use Static Rock Separators

There are various industries that use static rock separators. These include mining, recycling, demolition, site development, and landscaping. When using separators, your crushers do not have to do as much work. As a result, the crushers will last much longer and you will experience less downtime. The crushers will also be able to operate much more efficiently.

How Separators Help You Process Rocks

It's important to remove large rocks that would slow down production. The separator also needs to remove fine rocks that will take up space and use up energy as the heavy equipment handles materials.

These finer rocks fall into a bin below so that they can be disposed of. There is no point in crushing rocks that are already very small. The separator will usually only be limited to the largest rock it is able to hold.

The rocks fall through the separator. Afterward, the rocks that are able to pass through are either disposed of or are sent through the separator again until the rocks are the correct size for the equipment to be able to handle them. If the rocks are not passing through the separator easily, the separator will vibrate so that the rocks can more easily reach the holes and pass through them.

How to Choose a Separator

You will need to purchase static rock separators that are durable and have proven performance. Static rock separators may be made out of mild steel. It needs to have the versatility to separate a wide variety of rocks.

This is done by allowing you to adjust the bars so that the gaps become bigger or smaller. The separator is usually wedge-shaped so that the rocks slide down through the separator and smaller rocks can fall into place so they can be processed.

You are able to have a powder-coated finish added to the separator. This allows you to make the separator any color you want. You can choose a color for branding purposes or choose a color that is practical for your business. Then, you'll be ready to put your separator to use when crushing rocks.

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