3 Important Reasons to Seek Crane Operator Services for Projects

Some construction projects require the use of cranes. It is imperative that contractors recognize this need and the importance of hiring crane operators to complete crane-related tasks. There are a variety of things that can go wrong if someone who has not received proper training operates a crane. Operating this heavy machinery safely involves knowing how to recognize things that can cause accidents, such as the weather on the day(s) that the crane will be used.

There are a variety of crane types, and the correct piece of equipment needs to be selected for the job. Some cranes are multi-functional and may be used to perform different tasks in a project. However, if it is identified that more than one type of crane will be needed, a skilled crane operator will recognize this need. Proper equipment and operation are necessary to reduce the chances of worksite accidents occurring. The following points identify a few of the most important reasons to choose experienced and credentialed crane operator services.


Certified crane operators undergo rigorous training and must pass tests to receive their certifications. The educational process can be considered lifelong or as long as an individual chooses to continue in the profession. This is because crane operators are required to get recertified to ensure that they retained the information they learned. The recertification also ensures that they receive education on changes in federal laws and changes to equipment or crane operation standards.


There are undoubtedly contractors who may take chances on hiring individuals who are not certified to operate cranes. This is a risky decision that violates laws governing crane operations. Some of these individuals may have held certifications in the past and have experience using cranes, but that experience is not enough without a certification backing it. If a workplace accident occurs, the contractor or company overseeing the project might face sanctions and personal injury lawsuits. Operating a crane involves more than rigging. Operators must know the weight limits, how to operate controls, how to identify safety issues, and how to perform safety checks prior to operating the equipment.

Contractual Concerns

It is not uncommon for some projects to involve crane rentals. Rental contracts might include a clause about ensuring that certified crane operators use the equipment. This is to reduce the chances of damage to the crane(s) as well as to promote project safety. A crane operator service will have qualified operators available who are trained to set up and inspect cranes. They have the training to recognize and respond to crane emergencies, which can prevent equipment damage. 

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