Useful Tactics To Implement When Having A Manufacturer Put Together A Custom Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press can do a lot of things to materials thanks to its compressive force, including punching, trimming, and stamping. If you plan on buying one that's custom from a manufacturer, here are some tips to remember throughout development. 

Focus on Sizing First

The actual dimensions of this custom press are important to work out early on because it will dictate relevant aspects, including where you can use this machine and the type of materials it can support for various fabrications. Start with seeing where this press is going to go around your work site.

The available space you have should be measured so that you get dimensions that lead to an optimal setup experience. Then you'll want to review the specific materials you'll be fabricating with this press. The more durable they are, the bigger of a press you may need to generate enough compressive force. 

Select a Frame Style

Once you figure out how big this custom hydraulic press needs to be, think about what frame style is going to suit your operations best. There are several options including 2-post, 4-post, c-frame, and then your non-traditional frame styles. This spec does matter because it will affect the type and size of materials you can work with.

The best thing you can do is go through the various frame styles and see how they're oriented. Then you just need to choose a frame that accommodates your work site's materials the best, helping you complete operations like drawing and punching in a refined manner.

Test Out Different Designs in Real Time

You'll have an easier time figuring out how to customize a hydraulic press with a manufacturer if you test out different designs in real time. Fortunately, your manufacturer may have press models that you can try out and review important aspects for as long as you want. 

For instance, you test out each model's compressive force and get a better idea of how its frame is laid out. Then you can take the best parts of each model and combine them into one custom hydraulic press. Just make sure your manufacturer knows about your feature and spec preferences before development begins.

If you want to develop a custom hydraulic press to engage in activities like punching, drawing, and clinching, then you can work with a manufacturer. You'll have a refined manufacturing process too if you make sure each aspect is refined before development begins. 

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