3 Things You Should Know About Renting A Crane

Did you start a small construction company that has done well and now you are working on a larger project than usual? If you have not started on the project because you do not have access to a crane, renting one is possible. Renting a crane provides the ability to begin your construction project without stressing about buying a crane, especially if you cannot find one that is sold within your budget. Before determining that you will rent a crane for the project, know what to expect during the rental process. The important aspects of renting a crane that you should know about are detailed in this article.

1. Choosing and Renting the Most Ideal Crane

Before renting a crane, have a general idea of what the crane will be used for. The reason is because there are multiple crane types that are used for different types of construction projects. In some cases, someone from a crane rental company can visit the worksite to assist with determining which crane is needed. When you are ready to move forward with signing a rental agreement, do not sign until you know how long you will be using the crane. Rent the crane far in advance for availability reasons.

2. Transporting a Crane to a Worksite

Do not assume that a rental company will transport a crane to your worksite. It is important to have a plan for transporting the crane on your own in case it is necessary to be done. It is possible that a rental company will transport the crane, but you should ask in advance rather than assuming the service is offered. If the rental company can transport the crane, ask how much the service will cost so you will not be caught off guard. The crane model and several other factors might determine what transportation costs will be.

3. Deciding if a Bare Rental Will Be Sufficient

How much time do you want to put into operating and maintaining the crane rental while it is in your possession? If you simply want to get the job done without worrying about other things, consider a rental that is maintained and operated by the rental company. On the other hand, you can opt for a bare rental that you must maintain, insure, and operate on your own. Make sure that you have an employee or contractor who can operate the crane if you choose a bare rental agreement.

For more information on a crane rental, contact a professional near you.

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